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No One Should Wonder if They Are Properly Protected!

Landlords spend a great deal of time, resources, and money to develop a portfolio risk financing or insurance program that best protects both the landlord and the tenants that occupy landlord properties. A crucial part of this portfolio insurance program are the tenant requirements. Tenant insurance requirements are designed to dovetail with landlord insurance requirements to provide an equitable sharing of risk and to provide adequate protection against sudden loss for both tenant and landlord. Tenants are not usually insurance savvy, they hire an insurance broker that reviews the lease and assigns required coverages, clauses, and limits. The tenant receives coverage from the broker and submits a proof of insurance to the landlord (directly or through a property management company). Often the tenant does not receive a confirmation of receipt, let alone a confirmation of compliance from the landlord. The tenant assumes they are properly covered, and the landlord hopes they are properly covered. Traditionally, both the landlord and the tenant are dangerously underserved and exposed.

InsuraSync removes all ambiguity; our client dashboard shows real-time compliance status for every tenant and access to current proof of insurance on file. Daily status reports show up-to-date tenant status with dates of last contact and what was discussed. Quarterly reports tell users in where their tenants are struggling. InsuraSync provides Tenants, Property Managers and Landlords their insurance compliance status, in real-time.

Nobody should wonder if they are properly insured.

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